Power Plate for SONY PXW-FX9

Input (on-board):   DC10-16.8V
Input (2pin DC-in):   DC19V
Output for camera:   DC19V
P-Taps:   DC 10-16.8V, Unregulated

Capacity 600Wh
Input 80-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 200W
12V Output 4-pin XLR×2
10A Max. for each output
28V Output 3-pin XLR×2
20A Max. for both outputs in total
USB Output 5V/2A
P-Tap Output 12V
9.69×5.35×13.54 inches
Weight 13.5 kg/29.8 lbs
Power for SONY PXW-FX9

Mounting directly to the back of the Sony PXW-FX9 camera, PRO-X XP-S-FX9 is an alternative power option which provides a secure platform for mounting v-mount batteries onto the FX9 camera.

Very slim, good fit and integration

Bi-color low battery warning LEDD

Steady Green: Either on-board battery or external DC IN is working normally. Flash RED: On-board battery is running low. The power will be cut off in 5-15 minutes if no action is taken.

Mulitple Ports

Dual P-Tap: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output USB-A: DC5V/2A output Hirose Socket: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output 2-pin LEMO: DC10-16.8V, Unregulated output DC IN: 19V input (2pin DC-in). Inputs are hot swappable DC Output: DC19V output for FX9 camera